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palm trees

This is an inquiry message about 'palm trees' in the 107th China Canton Fair.
(这是一条买家关于'palm trees'的询盘信息,来自第107届中国广交会。)

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palm trees
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I am looking to buy living palms. I am interested in: ? cycas revoluta ? butia yatay ? butia capitata ? phoenix canarensis ? jubea chilinsis ? trachycarpus fortunea. I am looking to buy 100cm-500cm trunk sizes. What I mean by trunk sizes is that the trunks need to be the stated sizes (excluding roots and foliage). I am only willing to pay for the goods either by escrow, or direct with a representative of your company who would come with the shipment to meet with me at the port. Alternatively, I am willing to come to your country to meet with you, inspect the plants and then purchase them. I am not willing to pay a deposit either to yourself, a shipping agency or an air freight company until I have seen the plants. Therefore, if you deliver them to the UK you will have to cover the cost of shipping and we will reimburse you on receipt of the plants. You can contact me either through Alibaba, or If the first shipment is successful, then I will be purchasing thousands of these plants and will agree to your method of payment. The sizes and species given above must be 100% correct as these are the only ones that survive in the UK. Please can you send me your best possible prices remember will be buying thousands of these palms. Best regards Dylan Smith
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palm trees
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A peice of paradise
Dylan Smith

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