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Tailoring Suit, Carnival Clothes

This is an inquiry message about 'Tailoring Suit, Carnival Clothes' in the 107th China Canton Fair.
(这是一条买家关于'Tailoring Suit, Carnival Clothes'的询盘信息,来自第107届中国广交会。)

Inquiry Message (询盘信息)

Inquiry Subject (询盘主题): 
Tailoring Suit, Carnival Clothes
Purchase Content (采购内容): 
Qualitative executor on tailoring suit, carnival clothes, clothes of fantastic heroes and national clothes. The provisional list of clothes:
1. Suits queens and princesses
2. Suits fantastic heroes
3. Suits from films, batman, a spider, a cat, an angel, shout, a skeleton
4. Suits national different nationalities: Chinese, Korean, Japanese, French, Indian, a suit of Indians, Spanish, Egyptian, Arabian, Mexican, cowboy's.
The initial party an aggregate number will make minimally 100 units of clothes.

Purchase Product (采购产品): 
Tailoring Suit, Carnival Clothes
Industry Category (行业分类)
Contact Info (联系信息)

Contact Method (联系方式): 
CompanyName:West Kazahstan Group
Add:Aitieva St. 87, Uralsk, West Kazahstan

LinkMan:Mr. Nurmanov Bigaliy