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Home Textiles Products

This is an inquiry message about 'Home Textiles Products' in the 107th China Canton Fair.
(这是一条买家关于'Home Textiles Products'的询盘信息,来自第107届中国广交会。)

Inquiry Message (询盘信息)

Inquiry Subject (询盘主题): 
Home Textiles Products
Purchase Content (采购内容): 
We are interested in all textile manufacturer(bed sheets, blankets, carpets, pillow cases, towels (kitchen, beach, bath) in all.
Please send me all your products details that you supply and please send all your contact details, I will call to you.
Send me E-mail address.

Country:United States
Purchase Product (采购产品): 
Home Textiles Products
Industry Category (行业分类)
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CompanyName:TTWW USA Inc.
Add:Gl92 Calafonia LV Street,Calafonia
Tel:+1 456 456 3667
Fax:+1 456 456 3667

LinkMan:Mr. John Richerson